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Build Status

BETA: Software is used frequently but Bugs may still appear and behaviour may change at any commit

Riot/Matrix room:

A micro-blogging (twitter,mastodon) connector.

mycete pipes your chat messages from matrix to twitter and/or mastodon. It does this by listening in on a channel you create. Everything you enter in the channel will be published to your various feeds!

Optionaly, only stuff you prepend with a “guard_prefix” will be published. Obviously the prefix will be removed first.

Delete tweets and toots you posted by redacting the corresponding matrix message.

If you upload images to the controlling matrix room, they will be appended to your next toot and tweet.

Tweets and Toots may be favoured or reblogged / retweeted by using the reblog_cmd or favourite_cmd (specified in the [matrix] section) followed by the status URL or ID

Example Information Flow

see also slides of lightningtalks which can be found here

from Mastodon back to Matrix

mycete will also (optinally) inform you about toots that did not originate from mycete as well as when someone favourites or reblogs your status and when someone follows you.

The controlling settings are show_mastodon_notifications, show_own_toots_from_foreign_clients and show_complete_home_stream in [matrix]

If you don’t need this, just remove the feed2matrix section.

Additionally it is possible to mirror your complete homestream or just part of it to other matrix rooms. For each room you may filter by tag, post visibility, sensitivity, weather it is an original toot or a reblog, weather our account posted it or someone else and weather or not we are following the author.

To do this, create a separate configuration section for each room named feed2morerooms_xxxxx where xxxxx is your name for that configuration. You can specify arbitrary many configurations, as only the ones listed in [feed2morerooms]configurations are activated and used.

In addition to the home stream, it is possible to subscribe tag streams using [feed2morerooms]subscribe_tagstreams which will be mixed together with the homestream into one big stream which your configurations (s.a.) will then filter.

If you don’t need this, just leave configurations empty or remove all feed2morerooms sections.


git clone
cd mycete
go build

Example Config


join_welcome_text="Welcome! Warning: Everything you say I will toot and/or tweet to the world if it starts with t>"




characterlimit = 1000
imagebyteslimit = 4194304
imagecountlimit = 4

subscribe_tagstreams=interesstingtag otherinteresstingtag
configurations=filter1 filter2



Linking to Mastodon

When logged into your Mastodon Account in your web browser, go to “Settings”, then “Development”, then “Your Applications”. Create a New Application and give it the required permissions. Put Client key, Client secret and Your access token the tokens into your ‘mycete’ configuration.

required permissions

read:accounts read:blocks read:favourites read:filters read:follows read:lists read:mutes read:notifications read:search read:statuses write:conversations write:favourites write:filters write:media write:statuses push

Linking to Twitter

Oauth via console pin. (TODO)


  • create an interface for clients.
  • [X] TravisCI.
  • [X] Read the timelines back into the matrix room.
  • [X] favorite and reblog Mastodon status
  • [X] un-reblog and un-favourite when redacting matrix message
  • tests
  • Document the process for getting api keys.
  • Only establish our oauth / auth stuff when a service is enabled.
  • Post to RSS for blogging? (Mastodon already does rss out of the box)
  • Error early if our service is enabled and we have invalid credentials. (See if there is API for testing?)
  • [X] post images
  • [X] support uploading multiple images per Toot/Tweet
  • [X] more feedback and user error guards
  • [X] use constrained memory, not slowly ever growing maps. Aka don’t be a memory hog
  • twitter stream to matrix, favorite and retweet
  • look into support for small videos
  • optionally redact matrix imagemessages after a while, thus not clobbering matrix-synapse storage